Pain VS Values

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I recently posted my google page on “pain.” It is time to explain why I chose to mention it. In 2017 my son began hiking as an avenue of self care. He got me excited about it and i decided to buy in and get on trail. I was 95 lbs over weight and had been sedate for 13 years. Needless to say my first attempt did not go well. I found myself laying in the middle of the trail without energy and seriously questioning whether life was worth living like I was. Problem was, when I went home early feeling a failure and embarrassed I still had this desire to get back out there again. So I decided the pain and physical discomfort was something I was willing to experience if that was the price to fulfill my goals. Immediately the change began. My motivation to change inwardly and outwardly increased and I began making those changes. Today my hiking is still painful because of aches and pains, I still lose energy to some degree, but I hike! For me the process of exploring my values and what I wanted overcame the anticipation of a painful experience. Review your values and what you want to achieve and focus on those! You can do it!!

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