Substance Assessment and Abuse Treatment

Next Chapter completes drug and alcohol assessments to determine the need for treatment and to satisfy court referrals.

Standardized tools of assessment are used to determine levels of substance tolerance and indications of life disturbance. These assessments are in turn used to choose the proper level of treatment for each individual. Assessments are explained to the individual being assessed and if need for higher of level of care is indicated, options are provided and discussed with client.

Relapse prevention sessions are provided for those who want to increase their skill sets for remaining drug and alcohol free. Relapses are addressed and reassessments made as necessary during relapse prevention.

Continuing counselor monitoring is provided to satisfy court referral. Drug education is available for those who need a lower level of treatment to satisfy agencies requests after random screens have been taken and failed. Local government agencies often send employees to Next Chapter for drug education classes.

Contact Orville at 251-269-1819 to schedule any of the above services or go to scheduling and register and he will give you a call to schedule.